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  • Sukunahikona
  • Onamuchi
  • Empress Jinguu

awashima shrineBasic information

Street address
15 minutes walk from Nankai Kada Line Kada Station
Parking Lot
There is paid parking lot
Stuffing place
Official site

awashima shrine history

Awasu Shrine is an old company within the Enki ceremony, and sings about the three pillars of sukunahikona, ounamuchi, and Empress Zengu.Originally, I talked to Awashima (Kadoshima, Yutaka of Kaga).

During mythology, Sukunahikona cooperates with Ounamuchi (later Ohkuninushi) to build a nation, teach farming, open hot springs, make sake, transmit sewing, heal diseases, and so on.

Because of that, it has been worshiped since ancient times as a father of medical treatment and a father of sake brewing.

Awashima Shrine cures all disease from being insulting to the medical god, and there are many people who are visited by women's sickness healing, easy delivery prayers, child giving prayers and so on. In addition, it is also believed as a guardian of road safety and voyage safety.

Countless dolls

人Countless dolls

Awashima Shrine is also famous as a doll offering shrine.
In the precinct, countless dolls, checkered dolls, French dolls, bear figurines, etc. stored for offerings from all over the country are lined up.

Nagashi Bina

Every year on March 3rd, the shrine is held on a pot of white wood and she is poured into the sea of ​​Kada.
With each thought and desire, women gather from the ground all over Japan as well as Kansai.

Shimizu Hirokazu

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