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  • Wakahirume

Ikuta ShrineBasic information

Street address
Each Sannomiya Station 10 minutes on foot
JR Shin-Kobe Station Ayumi 20 minutes
JR Shin-Kobe Station about 5 minutes
Parking Lot
Stuffing place
Official site

About the Deity "Wakateruhime" of Ikuta Shrine

Wakateruhime is a god who is very good at weaving and is also a sister god of Amaterasu.
The origin of the name Wakateruhime is said to mean the goddess of a young, lonesome day.

We weave kamugi in Takamahara (heavenly land), but it is lost by the bond of Susanou.
That is the trigger of Amaiwa's myth that Amaterasu is buried in Amaiwato and the world is covered in darkness.

Ikuta Shrine history

According to Nihonsyoki, in 201, Empress Zinguu stopped sailing on the way back to Japan from the conquest of Korea.

At that time, when you do a fortune-telling, Wakahirume of the god of worship appears.
"I would like to go there in order to go to your country. Please tell the sea to go to the waters of fifty and let them go to the land of Ikuta

Ikuta Shrine was founded by Empress Zinguu because of this.
Originally, since the area of ​​Chubu Ward in Kobe City is the company territory, it is also the origin of the place name of Kobe.

Shimizu Hirokazu


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