Itsukushima shrine


  • Munakata Three Goddesses(Ichkisimahime、Tagokorohime、Tagituhime)

Itsukushima shrineBasic information

Street address
1-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
Sanyo Main Line "Miyajimaguchi Station" about 5 minutes on foot → Ferry
Miyajima line "Hiroe Miyajimaguchi station" about 3 minutes on foot → ferry
Ferry from Miyajimaguchi pier to Miyajima (Miyajima pier)

After that, Kiyomori is deeply adored to Itsukushima Shrine
Parking Lot
Miyajimaguchi station, Hiromiya Miyajimaguchi station, paid parking lot in the vicinity
Stuffing place
Official site

Origin of Itsukushima Shrine

The deity god of Itsukushima Shrine has received treasures from the ancient times as an ancestor of the Imperial Family, a state guardian, or a guardian of the sea.

When searching for a sanctuary in Miyajima, the Shinto priest came down to the Saeki saddle who rules this island.
It was reported that in 593 it was around the islands with God, built a shrine by choosing a place to deduct seawater.

In 174, Pope Shirakawa visited and in 1180, many emperors and aristocrats were visited, including Emperor Takakura visited twice

In addition to the shrine building, a temple building such as a five-storied pagoda and a multi-story pagoda is added, creating a landscape unrivaled in the world as a cultural heritage showing the intermixture of Shinto and Buddhism.

The scope of the World Heritage Site is registered as part of the Itsukushima Shrine premises and the Miyama north slope, and the rest of the island is set as the Aya Protected Area.

Shimizu Hirokazu

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