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  • Kada Azumamaro

Azumamaro ShrineBasic information

Street address
About 5 minutes on foot from Inari Shrine Station on JR Nara Line
About 10 minutes on foot from the Keihan main line "Fushimi-Inari station"
Parking Lot
Parking lot available
Stuffing place

From the origin of Azumamaro Shrine

Kada Azumamaro of the god of the Azumamarro shrine was born in this place on January 3, 1669.
From childhood to superior in songwriting and calligraphy, self-taught to national history, rulers, ancient writings and old songs as well as the writings of the houses, break down the typical poet poetry poetry and be free to the original figure I tried to return it.

That superior academic knowledge was heard in the world high In 1722, General Shogun Yoshimune listened to the fame of adults and asked for all the browsing books of the shogunate. Adults corrected their mistakes and explained the suspicious details in detail.

After that Tokugawa Yoshimune gave us the privilege of recommendation and censoring of books of all sorts such as the proposal, and the trace of the fake book was cut off.

I was lecturing numerous disciples while writing my research day and night even after I returned home in 1723.

However, Kada Azumamaro was sick in 1730 when he was minded, passed away at the age of 68.
Yoshimune Tokugawa who heard about Kada Azumamaro's illness often sent a secret medicine.

The shrine of Kada Azumamaro is a shrine founded in this area where volunteers are part of Hodo low, and is widely revered as a god of "Academic achievement".

Kada Azumamaro & Ako roshi

Among the anecdotes of Kada Azumamaro, he was a professor of classical pedagogy to the student who was staying in Edo.
Kada Azumamaro stopped teaching by seeing and hearing the dirty usual Kirishu Uenosuke.

By chance, we received a visit by Yoshio Ooi who had been friends for a long time, then we will become a little lonely, Otaka just join the fellowship and make a sketch of Kira House and give Otaka the presence of a tea ceremony at Kira House on December 14 I also assisted Ako roshi by searching for it.

Main celebrations of Azumamaro Shrine

March 3 · · · festival festival

Shimizu Hirokazu

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