Shirahige Shrine


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Shirahige ShrineBasic information

Street address
215 Ukawa, Takashima, Shiga
JR Kosai Line "Omi Takashima Station" about 40 minutes on foot (about 5 minutes by taxi)
Parking Lot
Parking available (chargeable)
Stuffing place
Official site

Origin of shirahige shrine

According to the legend of the Sirahige shrine, Yamatohime was reported to have founded a shrine in 5 BC, and it is also the root of Sirahige.
The main hall is an excellent building whose characteristics of the Momoyama period well expressed to a large size, paintings such as petals and tombs,

The shrine except for the former worship temple built in 1624 (now being an Eima den) is also a key shrine that is keicho reconstruction period, and it is a valuable shrine to leave the placement of modern shrines

Shimizu Hirokazu

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